Sunday Morning Worship

Bible Study and Fellowship

We typically gather in the fellowship room from around 9-9:30am for coffee in the fellowship room. Anyone is welcome and this is a good way to get to know someone without the intimidation of meeting a lot of people in the sanctuary. At 9:30 we begin our Bible Study classes where we discuss how God’s word shapes us, guides us, and affects us in our day to day lives.

Order of Service

We begin our worship celebration at 10:45, though feel free to show up a little early so you can meet someone. Our members and regular attenders typically start showing up around 10:30. The service typically includes songs of praise, scripture reading, prayer, a sermon, and a time of response in which we take the Lord’s Supper together.


There is no dress code. Most dress in business casual but you will find a mix of suits and ties as well as jeans and a t-shirt. Our congregation is multi-ethnic and has a wide range of ages. We also like to meet people, so introduce yourself.


We like to sing congregationally, so that we can all hear each other. This takes the focus off of the individual and his or her talents and puts it on us worshipping the Lord together. As such our songs and style of music is geared towards congregational singing. We enjoy a mix of timeless hymns and new worship songs. We like to be open to experiencing new styles of worship singing.


Sermons typically last about thirty minutes but they can go longer or shorter. At Clairmont we love the scriptures and we think that God’s Inspired Word is important to our lives. Our preaching is expositional, usually done by the pastor, and is filled with material and application for us to reflect on throughout the week. We typically go through a book of the Bible as a series and alternate between Old and New Testaments.