Kids’ Community is focused on planting the Gospel in the lives of children at Clairmont. We believe that the primary place that children should hear and see the Gospel is in the home. Parents, who are followers of Jesus, are instructed to share the gospel with them through the way they live their lives and the things that they say. In addition to the role of the parents, we love that God gives other followers of Jesus the opportunity to invest Christ in the lives of children.  At Clairmont, we have two great opportunities for children to be taught God’s Word in fun and engaging ways.

Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 

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Sunday School (for children aged 3 through 6th grade)

*Sunday School is a small group environment that’s age appropriate for every child



Childcare opportunities available (for infants through 2 years old)

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During Sunday School and Sunday morning worship we offer childcare for mothers and fathers of very small children.  We value parents having an opportunity to learn and participate in a small group setting just as their children do.