God of Justice and Mercy

Mark 15

The crucifixion of Christ. One of the most amazing, painful, and glorious moments of history.

I have been dwelling on this thought for the past couple of weeks and it is something that has just been blowing my mind. The thought of God’s justice and mercy paired together creates a paradox unreconcilable by man. God potentially has a dilemma in forgiving sinners. He is perfectly just. Sin requires death. This is the price established by God and it is upheld all throughout scripture. No one man’s blood is worth this tremendous price that was owed to God. So God could have said, “I am perfect in justice, and to display my justice I will take my payment for all that has been done against me. BUT instead, He decided to pay the penalty Himself. No man has enough to pay the penalty, but God does. God cannot simply forgive our sins with no payment for sin because He would then forfeit His justice. So in order to remain perfectly just, and show mercy, He paid the penalty Himself. In doing this He brings Himself amazing glory in being the only one who can ever fulfill this paradox of perfect justice and unending mercy.

In applying this thought to my life today, I must act in a way that shows God’s justice and His mercy matter to me. I must have in my heart a hatred of sin because I love God’s justice. I must work in my life to forgive others, to have compassion, and to give freely of myself because I love God’s mercy. God cares so much about His justice and mercy that He sacrificed His Son in order to put these parts of His character on display for the world to see. Because this is so important in God’s eyes, it must be important in my eyes as well. As God reveals to us His song, we must sing along with Him. As He sings of His justice and mercy, let us join in the song.