Sunday Worship Service 10:45AM
Wednesday Bible Study 6:30PM

Welcome to our church!

We are a community of believers in the city of Atlanta who desire to see God glorified in our lives and the lives of others in our city, our nation, and the world.


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God of Justice and Mercy

As God reveals to us His song, we must sing along with Him. As He sings of His justice and mercy, let us join in the song.

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Strengthen What Remains

Is it an absolute certainty that some churches just need to die? Maybe. But what if there were a few men and women, full of the Holy Spirit, convinced of the power of God and demonstration of His Spirit through His gospel, who would lay down their lives to see the declining Bride brought back to her full radiance and glory.


Wisdom from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

There is much wisdom to be learned from the life of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. On the topic of influence in leadership, his life speaks in perfect harmony with his words. Rev. J.D. Jones, who was an influential leader of the Free Church movement, was a close follower of Dr. Lloyd-Jones. At the end of his […]


The Parable of the Tenants

This is who we were when Christ died. We threw Him out of the city. We put Him on the cross and spat in His face with the ways we have chosen to live our lives. And He still died for us.

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We are a church who believes in giving generously and joyfully from the abundance that God has blessed us with in Christ.